Do you lengthen the day as you grudgingly hold on to the torturous thoughts Although the day may have banished them long ago, the heart still wants to sort them out during nighttime Waiting for the luminous orb to shower some celestial light on the worldly problems Upon darkness’s arrival, the aura of this ever-expanding reality births a new beginning Lighten the heart and soul … Continue reading Fathom

Uncanny Night

Night peels off as the tumult’s incisiveness digs deeper into its skin The day was obsessed enough with mundane conflicts conspired by life Defeated, it cannot rest for a while before encroaching into the night Night’s folds of distress hide the bright stars today as peculiar silence befalls Whereon, the eyes can only comprehend the gloominess of its soul Whatever happened to the profoundness of … Continue reading Uncanny Night


Why write the epilogue at the beginning Even before the feelings can soar across the realm of freedom Distress, malady, delusions, and mistakes can be remedied Intensify the narrative, infuse them with worthy words Of healing and antidotes to the negativities Away from infernal delights, the night can have motherly instincts It’s up to the patrons to seek a transformation  Healing from the Divine care … Continue reading Purpose

Far Away from Here

Far away, there, look further, stretch your imaginations to the precipice of illusion Let the visions dance, of ecstasy and thrill of an unknown world beyond the haze Seems magical, the dithyrambic expressions from an unknown composition of a wandering poet Feels slippery, but the toes become extremely dextrous at the entrance of an exhilarating world The breeze brings some ethereal news to prepare the … Continue reading Far Away from Here

The Trail

What prompts one to find the trail of sadnesses Until the day their imprints appear on the heart Upon daily treading, the overgrown grasses perish The nakedness of a forlorn path feels violated Learning from the entrapped patterns day and night Losing sight of any other route amongst the clamour The intoxicating drinks of this world taste annoying A sommelier’s advice sounds jarring at that … Continue reading The Trail

Away from the Crowd

What’s the feeling of walking away from the crowd? Withdrawing all of the identity that had been dispersed  It was difficult identifying them after unnatural transformation Walking into the crowd was never a decision It happens in the rush of life; urged to leave the freedom of solitude You take all of you, remember, the duality of the opposing voice Someone within had been constantly … Continue reading Away from the Crowd