Speaking of Courage

There is no compulsion to accept the lessened reality Spare some time for the mind to use wisdom and decide Unlikely, someone else’s truth actually reflect conviction Freedom is beneficial for the soul to prosper in eternity Depreciated realities form plateaus of insipid existence Imagining without being influenced in always fearless Even the remembrances shine with natural facets A real botheration to engage with fatigued … Continue reading Speaking of Courage

In-between the Words and Pause

The irrepressible wind is playful and somehow entered the lazy room. During an afternoon siesta, after long hours of struggle with the pen, Ryan carelessly kept the diary half open. An intruder, the wind is already curious and turns the pages randomly; they wake up from the slumber and urged to narrate the freshly written story. A soul is completely unaware of the stealthy intruder … Continue reading In-between the Words and Pause

The Confusion

Does the mind discriminate shadows? Depending on the nature of light- natural or artificial Looking for imperfections in their appearances Blaming it on intensity and willingness to caress reality Our meanings of life are so many They are jostling for space and recognition Listening to each other- that may be debatable Brave enough to create controversies  Now that eyes have lost focus of the shadows It … Continue reading The Confusion


There is a tendency to hold back Owing to the grand plans of future Trying to manipulate the past as well With rewritten dreams Yet, the overwritten scribbles resemble entwined troubles Mastery of rehearsed narrations, with a favourable plot Wisdom perceives the fate of such raconteur The braided words hesitantly slither Dreams of securing a future depends on today Reading the evolutionary process is only … Continue reading Absent-minded

In the Designs

Presented with sketchy details It seems a brilliant idea to fill in the vague areas Photocopying them  Holding the ideas, only to be needled for further annoyance Laboriously marking out the boundaries Replicating the ambiguity is not a novel approach Lengthy discussions offer formulaic decisions Blotched designs embellish the duplicates Skillful fabricators present and promote faulty designs ~Amitav Continue reading In the Designs

Frail Connections

Connection influenced by the quality of dreams Based on the daily diet of absurdity; not defined at first, but eventually grows in stature To fill the mind and dictate every choice from a formidable position Trying to emulate the geniuses who have surrendered to the ultimate madness These absurdist ideas are frail shadows dancing around the borders of genuine comprehension; loud and shameless braggarts Now … Continue reading Frail Connections

Creating a Space

Diminished opportunities Shrinking spaces  Mind perceives lavishly Still hopeful for a miracle Settling for lesser opinions Never the soul’s choice Exaggerated mediocrity Fail to emphasise  Hide the anomalies Of greedy endorsements Vulgar exhibitionism Casualties in every Age Torrential networking Satiating egos Truth clings from sunbeams Clouds disappear There’s always hope Pillars of reality  Firmly placed on foundations Divinity and beliefs Perseverance prevails Acclaimed by the Universe … Continue reading Creating a Space

Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Scribbled in anonymity The words adorn a cubby-hole They may appear small Rather insignificant Encompasses the world Observing the humankind Their stories Gather here for solace To find some reprieve Or, a mention Here, the pen is sacred Words revered Voicing concerns Opinions of the powerful Drown genuine echoes Essential lies Buoy the world of power Once embraced  Oddities become natural Perverse grandeur  Fluid existence … Continue reading Some Scribbling and Sensibilities