Mind your Thoughts

The thoughts, when you are alone, determines your personality. The thoughts that occupy your mind and your contemplations about the actions reflects your intentions. A healthy dichotomy is acceptable because you are probably trying to figure out the contrasting factors between two opposite thoughts. You have to remember that thoughts do not become opposing or alarming and take you away to the path of mental … Continue reading Mind your Thoughts

Philosophical Ramblings~ 3

Nonchalance is the true essence of creativity. This is the outer demeanor of an artist who sets off to a lonely voyage to understand and experience life and its circumstances, as no one has ever done before. There are always new facets added to the façade of life. An artist’s voyage does not stop at living life in a regular pattern. An artist goes through … Continue reading Philosophical Ramblings~ 3

Importance of Branding Strategy

A brand is a product with a unique idea and value attached to it. Every brand is attached with some attributes to make it identifiable to the customer, by creating a perception on their minds. To project and position a brand in the market and in the customers’ mind, a branding strategy is devised. When the customer comes across your brand, they recall the perception … Continue reading Importance of Branding Strategy

Success of Content Marketing

The success of Content marketing relies on quality content. It is not just about creating content in bulk to create a repository, and distributing it later, through various platforms and channels. You cannot keep on creating content and ignore the aspect of a value proposition. This is exactly why you should have a proper Content marketing Strategy (see here). Content marketing is not about creating … Continue reading Success of Content Marketing