Pursuit of Happiness

We all want to be happy and strive to be happy in our life. The word ‘happiness’ is ubiquitous but also ever elusive. We all mention and find ways to be happy, which one day prompted me to look up the dictionary and find the meaning; or rather how it is described in a simple way. Mentioned below is the dictionary meaning of the word-


Pronunciation- /ˈhapɪnɪs/

Part of Speech- Noun

Meaning- the state of being happy

Although it was easy for me to type the word in Google and find the meaning of this wonderful word, it seems a distant dream, till we reach a complete state of happiness. Often, a question hovers in my mind! What makes me happy? Oh sorry, I would say, I have so many questions occurring every day-

–        Am I happy?

–        Is happiness found somewhere?

–        Is my happiness independent of my surroundings?

–        Can my mind be in a perpetual state of happiness?

–        Are there any side-effects of being happy, always?

I’m sure an individual in one’s lifetime, across the globe is trying to find the path which will lead them to happiness. Over the years I have come to believe (it’s my opinion though) that there is not defined path which will lead me to the actual state of euphoria. Don’t get me wrong, being euphoric can sometimes be perceived by some to be a state, too idealistic, to be true. But is it so? Or are our brains conditioned in such a way that we are afraid to be happy? I’m sure this particular question may sound weird or preposterous. I have a feeling that right from childhood we are taught how to face challenges in life and how life can be harsh and the ways we can deal with them with alacrity. But are we taught how to be happy? Or, how the simple things in life (which we often ignore) can make us happy? Or is it that we get so busy with the business of living our life, we don’t pay heed to the simple things in life, which can make us happy.

I have mostly heard people say, “If I acquire something or few things in life, it will make me happy.” Or for that matter, “Wish I had more money to buy the things I or my family want, with which I can make myself and my family happy.”

But, is happiness dependent on the crutches of our needs and wants? If happiness is a state of mind, the onus is on us to condition it the way we want. We live in a society and in the world which sometimes may not be conducive for achieving happiness. Countering that, I also feel that no one but myself have the power over my mind to keep things simple and find happiness in my own way.

The point I was trying to bring out was that happiness is not formulaic. There are no rules for being happy. As an individual, we have to make our rules to be happy. I think it’s our right to be happy than otherwise. I have named my article, ‘Pursuit of Happiness’; but it’s not a pursuit. We have to find our own happiness and reclaim the beautiful life that nature has given us. Be thankful for everything that life has to offer and stay humble and focused. Shun negativity and bring and spread positivity all around you.

I would like to quote the profound words said by the Nobel laureate poet, Rabindranath Tagore- “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.” The essence lies in the simplicity rather than the embellishments around us in our life.

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