With Technology


Although we always say, we’ve done it this way’ the most overused cliché ever heard; we actually do subtly change with time. Although, we may argue, time is an illusion, mankind is being forced to work within its precincts. We may find not doing things on time, liberating and feel the wanderlust heart galloping across the vast valleys. We are wild at heart and time has mellowed the wild streak to some extent.

Coming back to the discussion about change, mankind has evolved leaps and bounds, in terms of technology, evolution (how we look and behave), social behavior, farming practices; new areas of technological developments have pushed us towards the path of development and innovation.

We may be constructing aesthetically designed buildings, which are resistant to natural calamities and gaining height with each passing century. It will soon look like a vertical world. We shall use skywalks, sky train and personal planes. We will have become adept at maneuvering through sky traffic. Well, drones are just an indication of the coming ages.

Modern technology, their shelf-life will diminish as humanity moves along because they have not been founded on solid foundation. The basic laws of physics, chemistry and math are adding to the building blocks of these technologies, no doubt. But have we gone a further mile to derive new formulas and come up with some technology which will be sustainable and also sprout another lesser technology from its mainframe/design structure. We have been relentlessly writing so many codes for the digital world, creating interfaces and cloud structures to hold our valuable data. But, I think its technology too many; whom to adopt and whom to abandon. By the time we get used to one technology, another comes knocking at our lives, unsettling out the rhythm.   So many start-ups and technology giants are advocating or endorsing their products. This century has seen some unbelievable advancements and additions to our digital world and the devices we use.

Given the fact, now wearable technology will become ubiquitous, you will be monitored 24/7. Every move and you health data, you whereabouts, will be streamed to a data lab, for scrutiny. Food that you eat, not allowed to eat, clothes you are allowed to wear and also which car to drive, based on your driving styles. The cars will adopt and record your driving styles like- gear-shifts, steering wheel angle and also how much pressure you put on the accelerator. Data will now be used to teach inanimate machines to record and learn your behavior. With

With Internet of Things (IoT), now you can login to various devices, beaming your activities and presence. As more and more information about you will be recorded in the public or accessible domain, machines will know you better than your neighbor.

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