With Nature


Give nature a chance! For centuries, nature has been cradling and nurturing human civilizations. Civilizations have always lived off nature, be it- water, food, air, earth, vegetation, forests; we are always dependent on it.

It never crosses our minds, that how long we can take nature for granted. Nature’s bounty is immense and future civilizations can also survive for many more centuries.

Although we do thank nature for our sustenance and prosperity, we forget that nature’s balance is important for it to thrive. In our endeavor to fend for ourselves and also our greed, we tend to be harsh on nature. We are creating an imbalance, which could prove detrimental for our future. Feeding the rising population is becoming a challenge.

We are reclaiming lands to make space for our accommodation, build roads for transportation, mining for minerals and extracting fossil fuels; without which our life will come to a standstill.

Areas for farming are getting smaller, as we strive to create genetically modified, higher yielding and pest resistant variants of crops. We can call this to be a manipulation of the original DNA of the crops. Same farmlands are being used to plant different types of crops, which are depleting the soil of its nutrients.

Over-fishing in deep seas and in rivers is a cause of concern. Many species of fishes will fade away from the face of this earth thus causing an imbalance in the ocean’s ecosystem. Due to demands of the palate, rare species of fishes and animals are being killed to fulfill the gastronomic circus.

Mankind is felling trees at rapid speed and clearing away forests for the demands of woods. New areas are at risk of desertification due to the erosion of topsoil. Many ancient tribes who have been dependent on these forests for their food and accommodation face the risk of going extinct.

Many ancient tribes slowly and with much reluctance adopt the modern way of life. They being the custodian of nature for so many centuries are looking just to survive.

Many species are going extinct every day and that too at an alarming rate. Slowly and surely, we are encroaching into nature’s boundaries, without heeding the warning signs. It won’t be long, before we become totally dependent of laboratory grown food, for our survival. Our next meal may not come from the farms, but from the laboratories.

Global warming and climate changes are for real and we cannot be oblivious to the fact that our fragile ecosystem is at risk. Burning fossil fuels for many centuries is adding to the woes of the populace and depleting the ozone layer.

The copious amount of ultra-violet rays permeating the Earth’s layers are exposing us to more hazards. These changes are irreversible and there’s no going back, and the damages can’t be undone.

We take pride in being innovative and coming up with new technologies almost every day. In our endeavor to become the supreme species, we forget that the lifespan of humanity is intrinsically bound with nature.

We should take pride in maintaining a cordial and friendly relationship with nature. Our existence and future depend on it. If we give nature a chance it will sustain us for centuries to come. We all have to think collectively, as to what kind of planet we want to gift to our future generations.

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