Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is gaining popularity and is becoming the most integral strategy for many business enterprises. There is still a lot of scope to improve content marketing and have a concrete plan in terms of building a strategy and implementation.

Companies have to devise a well thought of strategy to demarcate the segments and identify the purpose of their strategy. You as a company have to target the niche audience and roll out content which caters to those segments. The B2C marketers are upbeat about the growing popularity of content marketing and its significance.

Some current trends of Content Marketing

1. There is going to be a significant increase in the budgets allocated for content marketing. Some companies have already increased their budgets while others are in the process of doing so.

2. Content marketing is becoming a decisive strategy as it will have a positive impact on the commercial aspect.

3. Companies are slowly realizing that to launch a successful content marketing initiative they have to concentrate on the quality and value of the content.

4. Content should help build a positive customer relationship which will ensure customer loyalty.

5. Content marketing features as the most important marketing activity which will steer them ahead of their competition.

Some Challenges

1. One of the key challenges facing the B2C marketers is to determine the efficiency of the content that is being created and distributed.

2. Coming up with quality content all the time requires immense dedication, research, and resource.

3. Variety is the key. The content has to be generated to suit the needs of the medium of delivery and needs to cater to all demographics.

Focus on Key Areas

1. The main aim is to engage with the customers that will help build a relationship of trust and loyalty.

2. Content should create a positive brand image and increase its awareness among the existing customers and also prospective buyers.

3. Content marketing effort should help in generating leads and thus help in generating proven and confirmed leads.

4. Most companies are aware of content marketing and have already started rolling out some initiatives but do not have a concrete strategy.

5. The success of content marketing effort will depend on-

• Right strategy
• Proper planning
• Content Creation
• Effective Distribution

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