Philosophical Ramblings~1

Trust in your dreams and ideas. They may sometimes seem outrageous, but they are still yours. 


When you derive something, from which has already been stated, written, spoken, or part of folklore, hearsay, planted theories, hypotheses, then it’s time to ponder whether you are not distilling all these into your thoughts and rather than being an original thought, it becomes a sediment of all of the above. It’s time for you to realize, that you have to bring some radical change in your perspectives and viewpoints, to come to a more original thought process and derive logically.

You have to start afresh with all the thinking and look from a multi-faceted prism. There is scope for much more to delve into and you can arrive at some startling ideas, which shall give you a new realization and awareness about our presence in this universe. The eternity and the expansion of this universe make this an ever-changing environment. Nothing is static, and changes form, continuously. Similarly, you have to reorient your soul and mind, in order to be in synchronization with this universe.

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