Success of Content Marketing

The success of Content marketing relies on quality content. It is not just about creating content in bulk to create a repository, and distributing it later, through various platforms and channels. You cannot keep on creating content and ignore the aspect of a value proposition. This is exactly why you should have a proper Content marketing Strategy (see here).

Content marketing is not about creating bulk content and distributing them for readers.

The idea is not ‘whoever wants to read’, it is about, ‘generating audiences interest’ in your content. This is the main mantra of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Now that your brand has been in the market and you would want to narrate your ‘brand story’ to a wider audience. This is where your content marketing initiatives will help generate audiences’ interest and thus lead to sales in the future.

Few things you need to focus on to strategize well are-

• Categorize your audience
• Create quality content, regularly
• Create brand identity with customized designs and content

Few things to do while creating content-

• Focus on the success areas
• Keep content simple for everyone to comprehend
• Your brand and content should complement each other
• Identify the correct channels and platforms for distribution

Content is everywhere and an enormous amount of content is being produced and distributed globally. The internet is overflowing with content. In this scenario, to make your content visible and hold the audiences’ attention, it has to be of very high quality and be made available at the right platforms and mediums.

Your content marketing strategy brainstorming session should not only include ideation about the type of content to be produced, but also focus on how to transition from ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ strategy. Just producing content and publishing them, will not give you the desired result.

There are certain aspects you need to focus on, to make your content marketing strategy work. You have to understand your audience (current and prospective customer). In order to do this, you have to-

• Conduct interviews with present and prospective customers
• Align with the marketing team to understand their perspective
• Hold surveys (online and offline)
• Talk with the customer service team
• Use web analytics and keyword searches to identify popular topics

Content must be customized to facilitate the prospective customers to take positive decisions. Your content should be able to take the customer from a stage of consideration to that of taking a concrete decision, based on the awareness the content has created.

The content has to align with every stage of the sales cycle. You can create research reports, technical specific documents and whitepapers to make your content more valuable. After you have created and distributed the content, you have to promote the content across the identified distribution channels, such as- social media campaigns, e-mail marketing campaigns, and digital media.

If your content marketing becomes a success, you could experience increased traffic to your owned media. For this to materialize you should continuously optimize your content marketing strategy and enhance the content. Your existing and prospective customers will always value content which is specifically customized for them. This authentic effort shoes on your brand story narrated through the content and helps to connect with customers.

Quality and focused content will always garner attention and in turn will make your content marketing strategy a huge success.

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