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Hello! Good morning!
How often you wake up wondering where you are. It so happens that you take few seconds to figure out which part of the day it is. The mind has its quirky ways. It so happens, you feel disconnected from yourself. Usually, the early mornings are a revelation for us and it tries to give us some indications about our state of mind.

We are in an age of hyperreality, where the line between reality and virtual reality is constantly getting blurred. Without even trying to find the origin of reality we are constantly coerced towards the world of virtual reality. So much information is at our fingertips that we browse through them rather convinced.

The reality is tailored to fit our imagination or customized to make it believable, thus, obfuscating the reality that exists. We go on to decipher and reason with the reality that is made available to us.

Sometimes, when these few seconds, when you cannot fathom who you are or exactly which part of the day it is, is when actual reality hits you. We recover from these brief moments and continue to consume the reality that is being fed to us.

Our consciousness is constantly being tricked and subtly coerced to detach from the inner-self and believe the reality that is being crafted for us. We do not realize, as time goes, so many things fade away, being left with remnants of the original.

With these pieces of information, we recreate and make a replica of the original, where there may be so many instances which did not exist in the real incident. Based on this available information, our minds try to reason and come to the conclusion of reality.

It may so often happen that we take someone else’s reality as our own and claim it as our own. We are so convinced that we develop an interpersonal relationship with that reality and we accept that our life revolves around it.

Hyperreality tricks our emotions and in this era of extreme consumerism, messages and advertisements, we tend to detach from our real emotional state to accept the artificial environment that is being reproduced for us. This is a kind of transient reality and we lose interest in things quite easily, our attention shifts to a new kind of reality that is being created for us.

We have access to various forms of media, and reality is being conceptualized for us, creatively and convincingly. It so happens, we forget our real identity and we try to emulate the role models that media has created.

The images and stories associated may not be an actual representation of the real person. In the age of agile media, the focus continuously shifts from one reality to another, and this is done so convincingly, that we hardly get time to analyze them.

So many times we ignore or do not pay heed to the real role models that we have or had around us. If we take a pause from the fast-paced world and spend quality time to learn about ourselves and try to understand our mind, we will be more familiar with our inner being.

Our mind is a powerhouse and we are unaware of its immense potential. We can transcend any concerted efforts to constantly alienate from ourselves and find our true path and understand our state of mind.

We can be our own role models and thus make a difference in the life of many, directly or indirectly. We can make a positive contribution to society and make this world a better place. Every individual should be empowered to think constructively and keep it real, the actual reality and not fabricated ones.

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