Opinions & Aspirations

The whole world is heralded to the future, based on mankind’s dreams and aspirations. You dream to build a foundation on which to construct the present and create a safe abode for the future. You have the ability to think and nurture a multitude of ideas.

Your mind is a super-highway where ideas, information, and thoughts are always crossing each other or running at a parallel line.

There are so many ways, these ideas, dreams, and thoughts are expressed and travels from one individual to another- Ciphers, sign-languages, hand gestures, folklores, scripts, art, architecture and of course speech, or spoken words. Our incessant thoughts need to be brought forth and expressed.

With the formation of societies, we started developing opinions based on the experiences.Gradually they were passed from one generation to another. Some opinions transform over a period of time, and finally becoming a part of our culture.

What if these opinions have any bearing on our aspirations? Aspirations are varied, untamed and differ from one individual to another. Are aspirations being restricted by opinions? Sometimes, an individual’s aspiration may be contradictory to popular opinions.

Aspirations go through a major shift as generations proceed from one age to another. As mankind becomes more advanced, they experience never before avenues, which shapes their aspirations accordingly.

Whether we accept or deny it, change is part of our life. They gradually change our thinking and lifestyle and our dreams. Change is ubiquitous. The social fabric changes gradually and we try to fit into the contemporary lifestyle.

Now we see an indiscriminate use of technology. Although technology has many advantages, and we cannot deny its positive contributions, the ubiquitousness of it is complicating life. It is influencing our power to think and form constructive opinions.

Maybe it is causing fragmented thoughts, as our minds are being coerced into ‘what to think’ rather than ‘what we want to think’. Our natural capability to think and dream is being constantly bombarded with fabricated opinions.

It is time to go back to the basic tenet of life, ‘keep it simple’ and deal with life one day at a time. Life is just the moment you are experiencing now. It is in the ‘now’ we have the power to change.

We cannot do much about the past or the future. Our opinions will guide our aspirations to a logical and rational conclusion. It is ‘now’ that you have to take control of and thus chart a course for the future.

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