Our Journey

Maybe we have gone too far with the beautification and cosmetic enhancements of this planet. We all had imaginations and lofty ideas to transform the beauty of this planet. Does our idea of beauty align with natures?

Over the ages with clinical precision and with the scalpel, we have wanted to make our life more comfortable and beautiful. We have come up with brilliant architecture and went on to a random construction drive.

We bridged the gaps, reached the interior contours of this earth when ran short of spaces, we built skyscrapers. We even tunneled through the ground to connect places; roads are important for commerce and transportation, but they resemble more life labyrinths.

We have invaded the hinterlands, taking humanity to the interiors of pristine lands and forests. We felled trees indiscriminately, to make inroads to the heart of the sanctuaries and paradise. Humanity is on an overdrive, as we are getting more hyperactive.

We have managed to obliterate so much beauty in our endeavor to beautify. Our idea of beautification certainly does not match the original plan. Our plan is to invade every inch of available land and set up our clans.

Everything is happening at a rapid pace, without a direction and any concrete future plans. Our endeavor to get more yield from our farming, we came up with so much modification of the crops original map.

Even the crops are losing the path and getting disoriented. They are losing their nutrition at a faster rate and soils are being overused. Soils are being depleted of essential minerals and chemicals.

Technology has invaded every aspect of our life. In fact we are so dependent, we feel helpless when we do not have access to them. We may be connected, but we have not felt more disconnected from each other before. We are living in the virtual world, oblivious if the world outside.

We are in a hurry to become the numero uno and stamp our supremacy on this planet. But whom are we competing with? Our competition is turning out to be a failure, as we go from one milestone to another, without a plan.

Life is not a competition; it is to be lived and understood, supporting each other and living with nature.

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