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Writing is a creative expression of our thoughts and feelings which we so often don’t express through mere conversation. Writing is the outcome after a long and intimate conversation with ourselves and how we fit into our surroundings.

It’s all about trying to fit the puzzle pieces and writing is also catharsis. Writing is like meditation where after long contemplation and deciphering the nuances of life we hold the pen in our hand and watch the words flow freely onto the blank pages.

Writing, according to me, brings out the hidden facets of our personality and as we go along in our journey we become accomplished travelers in the creative endeavor. This journey lets our mind and heart explore many possibilities and reach beyond the realm of everyday realities.

Writing is a reality. Through words, written across and placing the meanings between the lines we cradle our thoughts and etch out many characters and situations which may or may not become a reality.

Long after the writer is gone, those thoughts shall linger between the pages and the reader can comprehend in any possible way.

Writing does not restrict; it inspires readers to think and every word shows the world that exists beyond the regular and mundane. Even our struggles and insecurities leave us holding the hands of the precious words after consultation with the inner self.

Writers bring to life many characters, which are already around us in our life, or we have met at some point in time or we draw a fictional one which we may think should have been there in our life.

Sometimes the writer’s characters are born out of the trauma and some unsavory incidents that have left deep lacerations in the heart and life.

Writing helps explore our psychological realm and there are endless possibilities which we can draw. Writing is a creative expression oscillating between hardcore reality and fiction.

That’s the range of writing and I admire all writers, as it is a revelation and learning, about life itself. Here’s to all the writers, wherever you all are, across the globe, just keep writing.

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