Philosophical Ramblings~6


Given the complexity of the human brain, it is the most wonderful and intriguing part, with 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. Each nerve cell can be connected to about 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1000 trillion synaptic connections. The human beings memory capacity may range from 1-1000 terabytes.

I was watching this documentary in the human brain and I was just amazed at how advanced the human brain is. This creation surpasses any technology and I wonder who must have mapped the architecture of the brain.

There are many levels of complexity and so many facets are to it, such as- memory, feelings, senses, balancing, and reaction to stimuli, reflexes, and other cognitive processes.

We have around 7 billion brains in the world and we can imagine the immense knowledge powerhouse, this world is. The possibilities are endless and given the amount of data that we are processing are beyond comparison.
If the brain is utilized to its full potential and with a more constructive point of view, we can explore the universe’s profound knowledge.

Each one of us is capable of achieving the highest level of comprehension. Every one of us can contribute, to develop a world that can be a powerhouse of knowledge and build an ecosystem where we can thrive. We barely scratch the surface of the brain and do not explore or stretch our thinking process to its full potential.

If we sit quietly and concentrate on the brain and its potential we can unlock the variables and calculate the knowledge this brain can hold. This universe will reveal all of its knowledge, when we use our brain to its full potential and concentrate on the core of knowledge, that is our soul, and we will be cognizant of the eternal possibilities.

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