Our Dreams

We are all trying our best to achieve our goals in life. There are dreams which we want to bring to fruition and there are social expectations which weigh on us too. Sometimes these social expectations take over our entire life and every day we dream and strive to make them happen; relegating our own dreams to one corner of our heart, which are soon forgotten.

We are constantly trying to fit in, according to the perceptions and reality that society has created. The argument may be that we are part of society and we have to conform to live in it. But we fail to realize that the individual dreams we have becomes a conflicting zone because it does not adhere to the perceptions of others. It’s just the way we look at things.

Dreams are dreams and everyone has something unique in them to prove themselves. If we try to every individual in a common mould, those unique skills and talents will forever remain hidden. One common dream is not a reality. We have to accept diversity and respect the choices of an individual and thus the social fabric will become more vibrant.

With our uniqueness, individuality and a sense of true identity, we respect an individual and accept them for who they are. We cannot afford to miss out on the dreams we all have and make it a reality, so we can create a sense of bonhomie and camaraderie.

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