What exactly is a reality? Have you not pondered over this question? I am sure we all do. The reality is based on what you see and experience. Your perceptions are based on life’s regular experiences and the daily chores that you go through.

These regular events, though necessary, seem to create a boundary on your thinking and to visualize and imagine beyond these everyday events.

Don’t you feel that your reality is a reflection of what you go through every day and nothing beyond that? If you analyze, your reality may not be the exact reality, after all. It is as your life is streaming through a prism, and you see different colors being reflected.

So many times it can be induced reality through the events and messages that are repeatedly conveyed to you. Without even knowing the veracity of those events or incidents or messages, you start believing in them.

Often the reality is pre-fabricated and tailored before publicizing them. It is an intricate play of reality and partial truth. Your perception of reality is lost in these intricacies. When you are alone and your mind runs through certain emotions, feeling and even thoughts those are completely alien to you. Where do these come from? None of these are related to your everyday experiences and emerge from your sub-conscious mind. Have you ever wondered, if that is actual reality or not?

The world within you may seem complex and difficult to decipher. Sometimes you have mixed feelings, that contradicts the reality you see and what you feel within. It is a feeling of déjà-vu. What you have imagined even before the event took place does become a reality at a future point in time.

Your dreams are a precursor to the actual reality and your sub-conscious mind become more conscious and agile, to project the reality in a straightforward or in a veiled way. Dreams have many interpretations gives you a message or show you the path.

As far as reality is concerned, you have to delve deeper into your mind, your surroundings, your inner world and analyze the subtle incidents and events that you often ignore. When you are intuitive, you can gauge many things about life and the individuals you are surrounded with. Do concentrate on the inner-voice and what message it wants to convey.

In reality, there is much more to life that what you experience every day or the daily routine that we follow.

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