Life is Inspiring

What inspires us? According to me, it is not always the success stories, we see, hear or read about, inspires us to either pursue a dream or sometimes surpass them. Stories of failures and unsuccessful attempts are equally important to inspire us and help us analyze a challenge from different perspectives. Failed attempts and failures teach us to be more innovative and motivate us to improvise … Continue reading Life is Inspiring

Humanity’s Journey

(Pic Source) Through so many ages and many centuries, have seen the development of humanity is every sense. We have been given this Earth as our abode and trying to figure out, since then, the meaning of it all. We were at the mercy of nature and had to adapt ourselves with its eccentricities. Favorable or inclement weather, we were continuously facing a challenge. Humanity … Continue reading Humanity’s Journey

Beautiful Rains

The rainy season has a certain intriguing aura about it. Sitting here, listening to the rhythmic song that rains have, is nature’s own composition. So much nostalgia and anecdotes are intrinsically woven with this life. Somehow, the rains wake up this feeling of restlessness, which pulls us towards it. There is a strong inclination with this heart to go out and get drenched. It’s so … Continue reading Beautiful Rains