Beautiful Rains

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The rainy season has a certain intriguing aura about it. Sitting here, listening to the rhythmic song that rains have, is nature’s own composition. So much nostalgia and anecdotes are intrinsically woven with this life. Somehow, the rains wake up this feeling of restlessness, which pulls us towards it.

There is a strong inclination with this heart to go out and get drenched. It’s so rejuvenating that it gives hope to the soul, where seeds of hope begin to sprout.

Those rains, from the clouds above, do have a way to connect with our innermost feelings. There is a feeling of enthusiasm and gives a sense of rebelliousness; cleansing away the jadedness of everyday life.

Nature wakes up to a new phase of life and the joie de vivre is palpable in the air. Standing there without a care about anything, it feels as if you are a part of nature and joined the rambunctious celebrations. There’s so much beauty orchestrated by the rains, as they touch every little life on earth.

The bright green after the ablution gets a new shade to them; as if they are polished to an emerald beauty, and gives a new meaning to nature’s backdrop. These eyes drool over the beauty that’s all around and get one moving with the harmony. It’s the ultimate stage where nature’s symphony is played out.

When one feels the touch of raindrops, in unison, there’s an undeniable sense of feeling liberated. There is a new perspective of life, which opens our eyes to this beauty. Washing away the tiredness, rains give a feeling of renewed hope. This romance with the rainy season is undeniable and can’t be taken away.

Rainy season is nature’s magnum opus!

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