Humanity’s Journey


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Through so many ages and many centuries, have seen the development of humanity is every sense. We have been given this Earth as our abode and trying to figure out, since then, the meaning of it all.

We were at the mercy of nature and had to adapt ourselves with its eccentricities. Favorable or inclement weather, we were continuously facing a challenge. Humanity was practically given this planet with the riches of nature, which we figured out much later.

Wild living as we may say because we were dependent on the wild and had to deal with wildlife other challenges of nature. Nature was also in the process of transformation. Throughout, we have seen land masses, continents, climate and animal kingdom go through a continuous makeover. Humanity tried to figure out and adapt with the changing and varied ecosystem. As if, the ecosystem, in unison, was throwing a challenge to us.

Nature wanted us to figure out its meaning and also the losses through the different ages. As continents were carved out and humanity started inhabiting virgin lands, in the process, many facets of humanity came into existence. As we call it the human race, and thus, the race to evolve and make the best of the land that has been bequeathed to us.

As for our origins, there may be many theories, and we are still striking down many of them, coming up with new revelations from the past, and thus coming up with more hypotheses. We have so many branches of science, which are still optimistic about the creation of Earth itself.

Throughout the history of mankind, we have tried to find meaning and purpose of life. As the human brains evolved and became more adventurous, we have made substantial progress in making our lives better and also created ways to live off this planet’s riches. Fossil fuels, minerals, precious stones, precious metals, vegetation, animals, ocean life and the climates, we have utilized it all to our advantage, to make our lives better.

It has always been an endeavor to create and as we did not have any written manuals, other than the unknown ciphers and wall paintings and some historical evidence, we were always challenged to discover something new and continuously develop on the old.

Humanity is bound by time. We have figured this out from the diurnal changes and used to clock our time, to our advantage and disadvantage, as well. We may be with the time, but never ahead of it. No matter how much we try to build for the future, the future comes one day at a time. Humanity has plans and nature has something contrary for us. We have been building, rebuilding and always seem to fall short of catching up with nature.

Nature has plans of its own. Although we have been at the cradle of nature, always, we are yet to figure out its true potential or it plans. Nature has many surprises for us and it’s true secret is yet to be revealed.
Now that we call it a modern human society, because of the technology advancements and also how we have used scientific temper to modernize our life to alleviate different challenges. Yet, this journey will continue, and humanity will strive to delve deeper and also go beyond the galaxies, to search answers to some pertinent questions.

Humanity goes through challenging times in every era and this is the harbinger of massive change in our ecosystem and it’s time for us to adapt with the oncoming transformations and be ready for more challenges in the future. Life and challenges go hand in hand and humanity has made it a mission to face everything and devise ways to survive through each one of them.

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