Unpredictable Situation

Suppose you wake up one morning and you find there is no electricity. None of your devices, such as, laptop, tab, mobile phones have used the last juice of the battery. You are in the city but feel completely cut off from the world.
No twitter updates, cannot check the number of likes on the pictures you updated last night, no morning news and no good morning or hellos on the whatsapp.

It’s a feeling of being marooned. Even the backup plans have not worked and the city administration won’t be able to supply electricity for the next 48 hours. Your weekend is ruined, and all your close friends are traveling. You have nothing else to do.

Go out, yes, but remember, the city is out of electricity and the departmental stores, city malls and restaurants, movie theaters, have run out of backup power. So, you cannot visit any of these usual places.

Well, you hear a blaring alarm and wake up with a jolt. Now you realize that you had woken up in your dream and faced the precarious situation of being cut off from technology and the world. You were marooned in a dream. Sometimes, nightmares come in different avatars.

This was one crazy scenario. In today’s modern age, our dependency on ubiquitous technology and we almost live, throughout the day in a digital world. The line between reality and virtual reality is being blurred.

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