Philosophy of Unknown

A mystery is intriguing. Something that is mysterious always catches the attention of the mind and wants to explore more about it. Something obscure and without a plausible explanation is most likely to make one try to decipher the truth.

Anything one cannot understand or remains a mystery becomes part of the legend. There are many incidents throughout history which were reported and investigated, but no one could give a logical explanation. It became part of the folklore.

Something that is beyond the realm of human understanding becomes a mystery or perceived as unreal. The regular events in our life and the life that we lead limit our perceptions about the expanse of life and its origin.

Anything mysterious may be inexplicable to the populace, but it may have some explanation which is beyond our comprehension. Everything remains a mystery until we experience it or have a logical explanation for its occurrence.

Life may be surreal, and what we dream or cannot explain may be more real and true compared to the reality we experience or is explainable. Surrounded by an aura of mystery, it limits or deters us to explore further. Illogical is nothing when it comes as a dream.

Whenever life contradicts our realm of understanding we label it as mysterious. Maybe the brave ones juxtapose both sides and experience the contrast. Like a Venn diagram, maybe, the commonality and the logical explanations can be deciphered from the intersections.

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