Beyond Languages

Languages evolved and went through so many transformations and developments throughout history. It keeps on developing, with the addition of many new words gaining popularity during that age.

Along the way we discard many words, they become redundant and finally drops off the pages of dictionaries. With these, there are changes in grammatical rules and some earlier unacceptable words and rules become the norm. How we express our ideas, thoughts, feelings, and the way we communicate depends on language.

Does an earlier way of expression or feeling fade away with language? Have you ever wondered what two lovers may have expressed in a different era, with the language prevalent at that time, may seem out of place or incomprehensible to the modern day lovers. So, in a way the language of love also goes through a transformation.

What if we wanted to revive an archaic way of expressing our feeling with the language of yesteryear which in not heard of or used anymore? Does that feeling nullify because we are using a language which is not popular and faded away in the pages of history?

In a way, language does overrule the way we express our feelings, ideas, and thoughts. When we lose a language we also part ways with history, anecdotes, written and unwritten memoirs, much folklore and also a part of ourselves as our origins do trace back to those times. We evolve, and will keep on evolving and languages will be a lot different in the future, compared to what we consider to be modern language.

Sometimes our true feelings and our intent to communicate gets lost in these words and languages. When we translate, the true essence and meaning of the ideas and feelings we want to communicate is diluted.

An individual cannot possibly learn all languages in the world. The best we can do is to express our true feelings with profound actions. Language may be a barrier, but kind gestures and your heartfelt actions will never fail you. Love, humaneness and gratitude are above any language.

The world is your haven and everyone on this planet is your friend, whom you may or may not meet, but that does not stop you from wishing everyone well and make the journey of life complete with bonhomie. Languages will evolve, but we human beings have to become better and make this world a paradise.

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