A Long Walk

Life is a long walk, with many detours and through many paths, known and unknown. Sometimes walking through the dirt roads and jagged rocky edges, the walk becomes an adventure.

Waking up with the sunrise, preparing for a long and arduous walk, you prepare for yet another journey until you slowly inch towards the destination. It feels that the roads you take seems to stretch beyond your imagination and plans.

A journey is a journey after all. You are here to tread the path, face new challenges and encounter many new people along the way. Always a pleasure and tiring at the same time, this walk will teach you the tenets of life. You have to be prepared for a long-distance journey and yet this lifetime will not be enough to experience it all.

As you leave your footprints beyond, remember, that you leave a trail of light, positivity, encouragement and guidance for anyone else who wants to take the same path. So many times you may veer away to the unknown alleys, without any light and direction. This is the time as a traveler; you have to believe in yourself and seek to kindle the inner light, to guide you.

You will be tested and so many temptations in many guises will try to wean you away from your path of dedication and conviction. In such situations, you have to take a stand and determined to ward off such unworthy detours.

You will take diversions and detours, but that is only to learn more about life and finally you will end up with many worthy experiences that will help you to make this journey worthwhile. Whether you are walking alone, or with your near and dear ones, hold their hands and make them feel that you are there with them all along in this journey.

So many times you will come across lonely souls, who have wandered off aimlessly and trying hard to find the right path to walk to the desired destination. Do not walk away, but hold their hand, listen to their story and try to narrate encouraging words and rekindle the inner light, so they can find their way back home and also to their destination.

Life is a long walk, enjoy the journey and try to be an inspiration and make this journey meaningful and gather the mental stamina and the gumption to face the journey with dignity. The destination matters and your choices along the way will decide that.

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