Stephen Hawking backed Project to search for Alien life

Mankind is feeling lonely for sure. Our relentless search for aliens and to prove that we are not alone in this universe continues. The search for aliens or more precisely, extraterrestrial life is not a new phenomenon. Hypothetically it is believed that life may range from simple bacteria to more advanced kind of life; much more advanced and powerful compared to humans.

Astrobiology studies the origin and evolution of life forms – both extraterrestrial and life of Earth. There have been many unexplained occurrences of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) and also radio signals (most recent occurrences– which were picked up), but could not be deciphered.

This universe is immense and it is impossible to fathom the workings and mysteries behind its birth and existence. We do not know about even the minuscule portion of the universe. Although, we continue with our efforts to find life on other planets (latest being the Pluto flyby).

The universe and its mysteries are waiting to be unraveled and mankind is taking all possible means to decipher them. As our technologies evolve, we are aiming higher and deeper into the universe to look for extraterrestrial life or other habitable planets.

In this latest venture, a Russian entrepreneur, Yuri Milner, is funding an exclusive and expensive ($100 million project) called Breakthrough Listen. This project is backed by renowned scientists like Stephen Hawking and Frank Drake.

We have many questions and very few answers. Let’s hope that we can come up with some interesting finds and data, to establish the existence of life in places and planets, other that Earth.

Some leading Newspapers have covered the Breakthrough Listen projects announcement.

Wall Street Journal–

The Independent–

6 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking backed Project to search for Alien life

  1. Life exists in many forms, and mankind is trying to find out if they are not alone on in this universe or there are any advanced life forms anywhere in the universe. Only time will tell, what our search will lead us to.


  2. I believe in a God who created the heavens and the Earth. So with that being said there are beings/people who live out there in the cosmos and perhaps we should be friendly and seek them out. Kind of like boldly going like in Star Trek.

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  3. I don’t know what percentage of people in the US believe in aliens and UFO’s. It is more than 50% and I think if memory serves right it is over 60%. I don’t know about Canada. There is so many whistle blowing on the subject by key personnel in the army, astronauts etc that gives credence to this issue.

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    1. Oh yes, there will always be some ambivalence regarding this. Again, time, relevant facts and experiences, will lead us to where it should. I am not going into that area. Sometimes it so happens, things are revealed on their own and hope we will be prepared to accept whatever the evidence or circumstances present us with, in the future.

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