From a Writer

No matter which genre you write, your authentic words from the heart will convey the feelings that you intend to. A writer always has a rendezvous with the inner world to learn about the life’s experiences, the dreams and desires, and these intense interviews are expressed through the writer’s pen.

Every word that flows from the pen is an attempt to sketch the exact feelings with words. You have to be a good raconteur and your story will be heard by many, cutting across borders and across the globe.

Your writing may inspire someone sitting many miles away at one corner of the world and those words maybe the beacon of hope. Those words of your may keep afloat a sinking soul. Without your knowledge, you have made a positive difference in someone’s life.

A writer’s words, entertains, inspires, reveals the stark reality and weave a fine story to create an atmosphere of positivity. Reading your words can be a liberating experience for many. Your words can educate, open up new vistas to the lost wanderers and be a guiding light. Words are powerful indeed, and who knows better than a writer and the pen. Writers disseminate knowledge, facts, ideas, and thoughts, to empower anyone to dream.

Authentic words never lose their sheen and it is cherished through different ages and times. They are relevant to the society and although interpreted differently, their soul is intact. They convey the desired message.

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