Life, let’s experience it

Life always throws up challenges. The greatest challenge of them all is to decide how we face life. Since we are born, our attitude towards life is being slowly carved by the people we are surrounded with, that is, our family. Our thought processes and attitude towards life is shaped by the conversations we have with our parents, siblings and extended family members.

Once we venture out, start schooling, we start interacting to the microcosm of the society. Interacting with the teachers and the classmates slowly opens up our perspective about the world. We start writing, expressing our feelings, debating and put forth our views which are subtly coerced by the books we read from the set curriculum.

Although they do open up the myriad of possibilities, and as our brain starts pondering and asking questions about various aspects of life and society as whole, I feel somehow our opinions and thought processes becomes quite linear. We think and analyze the things we read for the school examinations and it continues till we have graduated from college. We end up with degrees with much more degrees of uncertainties to face life.

As we step out of the education system, life looks completely different, for those who have diligently worked towards passing every exam to excel in all examinations. We fail to realize that the bigger test lies outside the precincts of our schools and universities. Life is completely a paradox at this moment and reality and truth about the world outside take us by surprise. Although we feel that we are ready for life, the actual learning about the ways of life starts when we venture out on our own and step out from the secure family life.

Teachers, professors, schoolmates, and university friends, everyone leaves an impression on our mind and for the first time we see the world left wide open for us. There can be a tinge of unfamiliarity and fear, as we venture out to make a living.

From that very moment, our choices in life shape our path and journey. We have to become jugglers, managing multitude of things and also keep our sanity. It’s the time when we have to take decisions, decisions, and decisions. Life, relationships, career, success and host of other things attached with what our life is.

Going through life is never easy and will always be strewn with hurdles. Many of our dreams will not be fulfilled and we have to take everything in our stride, dream new, dream big and try to carve out a different path. We have to remember, in trying to understand life and how to deal with it, we should not forget our identity, as to, who we are and our beginnings, our first step to this world and our ideals.

Life will present us with many circumstances and sometimes we may feel broken, shaken and completely defeated. Sometimes it so happens, people lose faith in humanity and the world in entirety. These are the biggest challenges life will throw at us.

We have to remember, that life is a vast ocean and we have to set sail knowing the uncertainties of the weather and also how the weather will behave. We have to navigate through calm and turbulent waters; sometimes, losing direction and our minds will be clouded, leaving us without a compass to find the right direction. These are temporary, and finally the weather will become clear and there will be sunshine and we will find the shores where we are destined to be.

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