We do…

    We know less about the world and the universe we are a part of a lesser about ourselves. What we understand are the man-made things; they are ubiquitous and still we find ourselves lonely.

    We spend money to find happiness and the elusive rest while our minds are overworked and fatigued.

    We are agile and go about every day with our daily chores and routine but still we are discussing their plausibility.

    We are unsure about so many things, but we surely do them anyway, because everyone else around us is.

    We listen to lectures without questioning the perspectives and immediately put ourselves under the scanner and start looking at ourselves from someone else’s point of view.

    We rely on naysayers and defeatists instead of the roaring and profound inner voice which cries hoarse, but we turn a deaf ear.

    We are quick to rely on mass consciousness and reasoning after we have shut down our brain and outsourced the right to think to everybody else.

    We believe everything that we read or hear in media.

    We are easily coerced and without realizing the subtle yet potent means to rally us behind something popular. Something that is popular may not be right.

    We like to emulate and compare our lives instead of focusing on our own strengths and weakness and mitigate the chances of improving ourselves based on our strengths.

    When we are allowed to choose we rarely do so rationally and we end up regretting our choices later.

    We complain instead of finding a solution.

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