A Writer’s Journey

The writer is the invisible protagonist who weaves intricate stories and leaves an invisible presence in the plot. Drawing inspiration from various sources, such as- history, personal experience, life, modified perspectives, strong imagination, and the ability to visualize the unpredictable future. Undeniably, it’s an experience which the writer enjoys and takes a mental note of everyday occurrences.

The writer develops the characters keeping in mind the fact that they will have some characteristic of the writer’s alter ego. Some aspirations and boldness of the characters are portrayed by channeling the inner dreams and desires, which may or may not be fulfilled.

Characters are breathed life and etched with multiple facets, adding to the perspectives and portrays how one individual can have many emotional aspects. Varied circumstances in one’s life, requires an individual to adapt to those situations by taking on different avatars, as the situation demands.

The writer, in the mind, traverses through many paths, sometimes, reaching a cul-de-sac and then either turning back or toppling over the edges to experience the unknown. All these experiences for the writer are exhilarating as well as exhausting. Challenges faced by the protagonists and the turmoil is intrinsically experienced by the writer.

A writer may go through the lost pages of history and recreate moments to place it along the present society to portray the transformations. So many things change, become redundant and even expunged from the memory of the masses. Collective consciousness only delves into the present time and era.

The intricate plot carefully thought from every aspect of human experience, and also the traits they carry from unknown historical facts, becomes a reality, through the words of the writer. It presents to the reader an aura of surprise, never felt or experienced circumstances.

The writer devises a plot which is a rich cerebral experience, taking the reader beyond the realm of known and ordinary. Many ordinary occurrences become extraordinary, once placed between an intricate and well-sketched plot.

The invisible protagonist leaves an indelible presence in every aspect of the write and is omnipresent. Through engaging narratives and stream of consciousness, it becomes a worthy experience. The reader is engrossed and feels insatiable, wanting more of such experience. It’s a journey, which the writer plans for the readers.

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