From a Writer

No matter which genre you write, your authentic words from the heart will convey the feelings that you intend to. A writer always has a rendezvous with the inner world to learn about the life’s experiences, the dreams and desires, and these intense interviews are expressed through the writer’s pen. Every word that flows from the pen is an attempt to sketch the exact feelings … Continue reading From a Writer

Life, let’s experience it

Life always throws up challenges. The greatest challenge of them all is to decide how we face life. Since we are born, our attitude towards life is being slowly carved by the people we are surrounded with, that is, our family. Our thought processes and attitude towards life is shaped by the conversations we have with our parents, siblings and extended family members. Once we … Continue reading Life, let’s experience it

Stephen Hawking backed Project to search for Alien life

Mankind is feeling lonely for sure. Our relentless search for aliens and to prove that we are not alone in this universe continues. The search for aliens or more precisely, extraterrestrial life is not a new phenomenon. Hypothetically it is believed that life may range from simple bacteria to more advanced kind of life; much more advanced and powerful compared to humans. Astrobiology studies the … Continue reading Stephen Hawking backed Project to search for Alien life