Philosopher’s Guide

The search for wisdom Leads through the Unknown labyrinth Of ideas and thoughts When silent arguments Engages the mind In an epic battle It’s in the spirit To question All the possibilities Of existence Mind conspires to Fathom the Cosmic silence Engage conscientiously With isolated meanings Otherwise overlooked By popular doctrines Philosopher’s guide Is a chronicle With intriguing Facets of life © Continue reading Philosopher’s Guide

This Beauty

The beauty Is not in the mirror It’s in your soul Silent reflection Of the inner beauty Captivates Even the mirror Captures you with love Waiting for you Everyday In anticipation To get a glimpse Of your inner beauty The soul That radiates love Only a soulmate Can relate © Continue reading This Beauty

Mirrored Reality

Mirrors are the Window to the Soul And windows are Mirror to the world Every image A mere reflection Of our perception Reality may escape Lies entrapped Extra grandeur Adds to the sheen Colorful veneers The world’s underbelly Runs parallel With sinister stories Hidden by fabrications So many cover-ups Eyes blinded By the bright lights Pieces of paper Wields more power Compared to Human resilience … Continue reading Mirrored Reality