A Window to the World

Every house has a window, and not often do you see the view or notice what can be viewed from there. With so many houses and skyscrapers, windows have become mere decorations.

When the window of your mind is wrapped with a heavy curtain, you will not miss the beautiful natural light which can elevate the mood and ambience of your life. The artificial light and stale air becomes more bearable.

An open window gives you the chance to look at the world from a new perspective. If you have the patience to look carefully, you may spot the blemishes and futile hurriedness of life. The streets may be crowded, but the hearts are lonely. Crossroads of life seem more daunting and confusing compared to the streets.

As you stand near the window you can see that nature is gloomy and as its territory gets eroded, there are some more wrinkles added to the scenery. More concrete houses, abode for people, but not a soul to be seen and you don’t even know who lives next door.

Chances of some lonely soul, wanting to start a conversation is rare and nothing more than the occasional, ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. Soon, the open windows usher the life’s struggle and mankind’s relentless battle for supremacy over nature; even, closing the windows of our life to each other.

With time, the windows become blurry, with dust and pollution and even creaky. The windows won’t open any more as they are jammed. You become used to the shrinking world and you feel you cannot keep away the four walls closing in on you each day.

Everyone has the chance to choose the way of life and it’s up to you to keep the windows of life open and look at life with hope and gratitude. Every soul around you is trying to say or express something or just want to exchange few words. Sometimes, sit near a window take time out from the busy schedules and you will start looking at life from a new perspective.

8 thoughts on “A Window to the World

    1. Absolutely. Very well said. Blogging is a great way to express thoughts and also convey relevant ideas and get to exchange ideas with other blogger friends. It’s all about opening up new avenues with every write.

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  1. Very thought-provoking 🙂 In addition to the overarching message of the post, there is, in fact, much insight that can be derived from each single line when considered individually. Greetings, Sam 🙂

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