It’s Nature

By now, we have realized that without Nature we would not survive. All the species on this planet lives off Nature. It is the resources of Nature we spend. We want rapid development and make our life comfortable.

From small settlements, we are now looking at rapid urbanization. Stretches of lands are being cleared away for more modern towns and cities. If that is not enough, we are building smart cities, digitally connected cities, and our continuing urge to modernize.

In our relentless search for more prosperity, we helplessly claim everything from nature- over-fishing in seas, deforestation, mining, and animal species on the verge of extinction. The balance of Nature is jeopardized.

Due to the rise in global temperature (contributing factors are pollution, burning fossil fuels, using hazardous chemicals and contaminating the soil and groundwater with tons of garbage) many new strains of bacteria are thriving and adapting to the ecosystem, thus, affecting us with new types of diseases.

Soon antibiotics will become ineffective, due to its overuse and ‘superbugs’ will wreak havoc. Medical practitioners are prescribing antibiotics indiscriminately, to tackle most common health problems.In few years, we may be threatened by new types of superbugs, and antibiotics will be rendered ineffective against them.

Our choices and actions are contributing factors in creating an imbalance in Nature. We are overzealous in our endeavor to modernize efforts. We have to realize, modernization cannot survive the test of time by alienating ourselves from Nature. The importance and support of Nature in our life cycle are sacrosanct.

Building machines and over- reliance on modern technology will not add to our chance of survival. Anything in this world has to be introduced gradually, and we are not fully equipped or not cognizant about the true functioning on Nature.

We are in a hurry to introduce many things and are in a race against time. We forget that time will have the final say and Nature will reclaim its share. We have to maintain a camaraderie with Nature and build a healthy ecosystem of modernization, as well as restore it.

We are losing focus, and humanity does not have the answer to many questions. We are answerable to the future generation and we cannot hand them over an unstable Earth. We are staring at a crumbling ecosystem, where most of the natural resources are either becoming extinct or will be extinct in coming years. We are jeopardizing the very essence of life.It’s for us to decide-‘Nurture or perish’.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Nature

  1. And yet how few respect it? Only the other day I counted five neighbors w pesticide cans…. Thank you for your care of this world, may others follow your example.

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  2. Thank you, Sam. I agree with you, that there is growing awareness and initiatives are being taken by various foundations, as wells as countries are engaging in this initiative to take concrete steps in conserving Nature and also improve the lifestyle, without harming the biodiversity. After all, our existence depends on it. As you have mentioned the two articles, they are creating awareness and also asking people to join this movement to save the habitat. At an individual level, too, we need to be more responsible and try to conserve and pass on this message, till we see everyone thinking about this globally, and in a unanimous voice. Wishing you a great day, Sam.


  3. I agree with what you write. Humans have been very greedy and lacking in awareness in their intent towards development, with oftentimes the underlining drive to “make loads of money” regardless of the consequences. Fortunately, I sense a growing movement towards a more enlightened approach to nature. For example, with regards fossel fuels, even mainstream media are getting a bit more clued up – see and there is also a move towards investing hugely in solar energy – see Let’s hope these kinds of trends develop more and more in the future so that we can be proud of the eco-legacy we hand over to future generations as you say. Wishing you a relaxing Sunday, Sam.

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