Worldly Possessions

Worldly possessions

Subjugates your existence

Accumulation of woes

Far from freedom

It binds you with invisible ties

The more you spend

And empty your coffers

A sudden void engulfs

Pulling you with strings

Like a puppet being controlled

The glitz and show are dazzling

But the fuse within blows off

It’s like a desolate alley

After the revelry is over

As long the coffers are brimming

Many faces will hover around

Soon to pop like soda bubbles

And vanish without a trace

Permanence in opportunism

Yet, wealth does talk on your behalf

Incoherent relations and impermanence

Somewhere, deep within

You will feel being swept away

To a barren land of buried wealth

Surrounded by inanimate objects

You will breathe only futility

Long before you realize

You are pulled in the vicious cycle ©

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