Climate Change

The whole world is in a huddle to discuss the global climate situation and its impact on the environment and our life. Climate change is not a new phenomenon and there is historical evidence about major climate changes and their aftermath. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and will continue to occur. Let’s understand what climate is. The prevailing weather conditions of a region, such … Continue reading Climate Change

Sweeter World

This world would taste sweeter If there were more honeycombs Bees waggle dance, with elegance More flowers would bloom Almost drowsy with sweet nectar Awaiting a transformation Every honeycomb oozing with honey That’s the sweetest treasure Such synchronicity in Nature Camaraderie and bonhomie This is not an illusion But reality of Nature’s magnanimity Hope this sweetness don’t fade away Leaving this life insipid and tasteless … Continue reading Sweeter World

You can Win if you Choose to

It is so often that you run away from yourself and try to avoid being alone, considering the fact that your inner self may come up with queries which you probably won’t be able to answer. You either engage yourself with the outside world or create distractions; anything that disrupts the inner voice, confronting you with some soul stirring queries. You are uncomfortable facing yourself … Continue reading You can Win if you Choose to