You can Win if you Choose to

It is so often that you run away from yourself and try to avoid being alone, considering the fact that your inner self may come up with queries which you probably won’t be able to answer. You either engage yourself with the outside world or create distractions; anything that disrupts the inner voice, confronting you with some soul stirring queries.

You are uncomfortable facing yourself and abhor the fact of being alone. There is a difference between the concept of ‘being alone’ and ‘being lonely’. To be alone and not feel lonely, you have to be comfortable with yourself and accept the way you are. When you consider yourself an individual, with certain qualities and also aware of the limitations, you will be more at ease.

In reality, you are often afraid confronting yourself and at a collision path. Over a period of time, you create a wide chasm between you and the inner self. You let the world define you and you start believing in the perspectives of individuals who do not know you thoroughly. Inadvertently you hand over the reins of your life to people around you and get manipulated.

You can only grow as an individual when you are aware of your individuality and comfortable accepting who you are. You have a powerful mind, you can use it or you can let others take control of it and let the world around you take control of it and coerce you into thinking according to its set rules. The mind is always vulnerable when we are not in control of our life.

Remember, you are an individual, born with certain qualities, which you discover as you journey through life. It is a sense of realization and every day you will learn something new about yourself. Life is a bigger stage, where you will be tested every day with new challenges and you have to write your own script, to deliver the best. You have to direct yourself, be rehearsing every day, before you take the center stage and confident enough to face the audience.

When you are aware of yourself it is easy to choose the path ahead by taking informed decisions. The biggest challenge is to be comfortable with who you are. Spend time alone, do some soul searching and ask those questions which may be bothering you. Confront yourself and the answers will be revealed, gradually.

Sort out the inner differences and turmoil. Only when you are at peace with yourself, you can face the world with confidence. Love yourself, love life and the challenges will be less daunting. The time is always right to start when you have the will and confidence.

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