Morning Elixir

It’s a gift box

Holding nature’s charisma

Wooden, and carved with care

Nurturing the dried leaves

In its womb

Tinge of green

Reminds one of the hills

It has the love and care

Of the hand that picked

Them from the tip

Young and vibrant

Their true colors

Will be revealed

When soaked in warm water

Giving off rich aroma

And tinge of gold and red

Who would know

Drinking this brew

Can take you back to nature

Among the hills

Covered with mist

You can smell and swirl

The brew till you are satisfied

It’s an elixir of Nature

The morning ritual

Is intoxicating with Tea

Every sip is an awakening ©

4 thoughts on “Morning Elixir

      1. 🙂 I love the early mornings because they can be so quiet, still and ethereal – before all the crazy humans start their manic daily activities. I sadly got out of the habit of drinking green tea (leaves) some years back, although I know how great it tastes and how much good it does for the body. I have, instead, succombed to my Italian heritage and start the day with the best Italian coffee 😉 We can’t always be perfect 😉

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      2. Yes, Sam, I agree with you. Mornings are indeed the beat and just if you sit there, it’s like meditation. But yes I have found means to cut off from the noise. Coffee is not bad but since I am Vegan, I cannot have black coffee. So I stick to Tea. 🙂

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