Perilous Words

When every word

Feels like jagged rocks

It’s time to ponder

The intentions

Of the speaker

And your willingness

To move away

From the words

Thrown at you

Hurting your soul and heart

Constant friction

Wears down the soul

Leaving the heart tattered ©

6 thoughts on “Perilous Words

  1. Hi Amitav, sometimes it’s strange why people stay for so long in hurtful situations. Maybe a karmic reason? Maybe a learning ground, which requires us as human-spiritual beings to stay put even when the circumstances are “wearing us down”? Or maybe the lesson is actually the need for us to take the courage in our hands to say “enough is enough” and to walk away, as you say – even if that means facing a painful void in the first instance? Always in appreciation of your posts, Sam 🙂

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    1. Sam, this can be debated at long and yet, different situations demand close introspection. Sometimes the explanations are not quite logical, and people continue to stay in hurtful situations. Relationships demand maturity and deeper understanding. So, before any commitment, one should evaluate every aspect. Easier said than done, I am pained to see things going wrong for so many around me. I guess we fail to see the spiritual and more karmic aspect of a relationship. Thank you, Sam, for sharing your perspective.

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