With Freedom

Ever wondered if we are really free? We talk about freedom all the time and take it for granted. There is also a warped idea of freedom- ‘the liberty to anything we want to’; even if those acts are detrimental to our mind, body, and soul.

As a society, we have always considered freedom to be the license to do anything.

One can achieve real freedom by making constructive choices and taking informed decisions and also have the freedom to stay away from actions which are harmful personally and also for the people one interacts with.

This state of freedom is not to be experienced in the literal sense but have to be analyzed closely.

Until and unless we free ourselves from prejudices, stereotypes, and the controlling nature of definitions, we cannot experience freedom. The moment we start our life, we are piled up with lots of expectations and undesirably pulled into definitions and which has always prevailed in society.

We seem to challenge our intellect by following those stereotypes, even deep down we believe them to be impractical or divisive. Stereotypes can be immensely divisive and can alienate individuals from joining the mainstream society with an optimistic mind.

At every step, we are required to wait for affirmations and expected to conform; if you do not want to be branded or labeled an iconoclast.

Humanity has evolved, but these definitions, stereotypes, and prejudices have kept pace with time and have even become more well-defined in modern society. We have not been able to free our minds and lives from them, and thus, we cannot call ourselves to be truly free.

For anyone to evolve and grow, one needs to free the mind and experience freedom in the real sense, away from the clichés of ‘it has always been like this’.

Experience life with real freedom and disseminate the idea among others, till it percolates into our psyche and our thinking changes to shape the future of humanity.

2 thoughts on “With Freedom

  1. I think the ability to be truly free as you describe it comes with the capacity to “observe” oneself. Those persons who identify “solely” with the voice in their head are likely to find it more difficult to step aside (figuratively) and see the things you are describing in this post. They feel very “separate” and perhaps vulnerable given the ego is in charge and the rest of the self is unable to make its presence fully felt. Once, a person is able to recognise that the voice in his/her head is only one aspect of his/her being, then the capacity arises to make conscious choices about what it means to be alive and to be “free”. “One needs to free the mind” as you write, which over time brings with it a sense of “inter-connectedness”, which counters the illusion of “separateness” that the ego has until then been perpetuating. Greetings always, Sam 🙂

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    1. Exactly, Sam. I agree with your perspective and the way you have explained it is marvelous. But to achieve such a state of mind and to actually be free, is not everyone can achieve. It is possible, but one has to thoroughly understand one’s being which comes with self-realization. So many times we silence the voice in our head and our strong intuitions. I believe, the ego can be cultivated in a more mature way to channelize it in a more useful way. We so often become self-absorbed with ourselves. It like a sponge which can hold no more and we carry a burden, which does not allow us to carry ourselves forward or think with clarity. We need to step back to focus the mind on actual freedom.

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