Ancient Walls

When these walls are stripped of their past glory history emerges from the cracks, to narrate a conflicting story. They are a testimony to the struggles of so many masons toiling day and night, to lay the foundation. Their lives are trapped between the layers of stones.

Once considered marvelous work of Art, the walls which protected the prosperity and grandeur, now reflect abject stories of sacrifices. The subdued murmurs of many struggles are chronicled in these stones. Weathering centuries of turmoil the empty halls scream with agony.

Many dreams may be lying there, unfulfilled, and the souls wandered away beyond the walls. Only if the ancient walls were to speak, there would be many stories to last a lifetime. If you want to touch history, feel these cold stone walls; you will be teleported to the ancient ages.

Mentioned with fancy calligraphy, on the historical memoirs, now narrate a different tale. Only time can erase time and nature shall reclaim. It won’t be long before the foundations will be uprooted and walls crumble, wiping away the remnants of the past.

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