Your Path to Success

When you want to walk this path, which you are convinced of, but you are alone in this journey. You have tried with all your reasoning and efforts to people around you to look at things from your perspective. But, it is quite an arduous try, as you may think.

According to you, your perspective may be rational and you know that it is the only way you can reach your destination. The way you have projected your thoughts may not be quite convincing for others. It seems like your and others thoughts run parallel, never to meet, ever.

How many agonizing moments you spend, instead of focusing on the dream and the path, trying to convince them, to lend their support. It is the only thing that you want and you are trying to reach out to everyone around you, frantically. You think you are being heard but to no avail.

In order to achieve anything that is not attuned to the common sentiments and is a dream unique, you will hardly find anyone who is willing to walk the path with you. It is your idea, a concept which seems preposterous to everyone, but yourself. That is the irony of trying to do something different than the others.

You will always hear these clichés that you have to follow your path, and carve out a path where there are none, as many before you have done and achieved their goal. We only see the glory and success, oblivious of the struggle and sacrifice one has to pay a price to gain entry to the hallowed chambers.

There are careers and there is ‘a career’, which you want to choose. Sometimes, we fail to understand that it is not necessary that one chooses a career, which is available on a platter. An individual, although part of the same education system, may grow up to think differently about an ambition or the career one wants to pursue.

It is alright to focus on the struggle, as it is not a well-defined and obviously chosen path. But, if that path, provided it does not lead one astray, is perfectly alright to choose. There will be many struggles, and most importantly there will be many hurdles on the way. It is difficult to eke out a living and your willpower will be tested, every day.

Everyone wants to feel secure being part of the well-established system; fewer risks, it provides a steady inflow of cash and you can pay your bills on time. It only takes a braveheart to dispel all the usual notions about life.

It is important to think constructively and choose a path which does not lead to perdition. You have to convince yourself and prove others wrong that your path may be different, but it will benefit society one day and you will be seen as a role model.

It’s an arduous task for sure but at the end if you can convince your near and dear ones, you will have fulfilled your dreams and also won over the hearts of people who really are a part of your life and means the world to you.

6 thoughts on “Your Path to Success

  1. Yeah ! Great post. Identify completely- been there, and done that, many times over – in this one life. Always different, always funny, always unique- completed un-cliched- that is me. Thanks for writing about this !

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