Worthy Words

The ideas that encircle you are waiting to be translated into words which can extract the true essence behind the ideas.

After you have exchanged many imaginary dialogues and reached a point where you think the words are mature enough to be deluged with ink and infuse them with life and character.

Every word will carry many facets and perceptions, and the readers will have many inferences.

The rich texture of the words that flow eloquently after many trials of the mind and soul will rightfully find their place in your journal.

Every word will carry your legacy and will travel through time, to regale and also urge the readers to weigh them with care, before arriving at a conclusion.

In literature, once a piece has been written, it becomes an obsidian, carrying an unfathomable core. From this core, emanates multitude of meanings and ideas which the readers from any age and century will relate to.

The writer bleeds every day, parting with indelible ink to create a worthy legacy which can withstand the test of time. From the pages, your ideas will disseminate the multitude of ideas for other literature enthusiasts.

Your writing will remain in the hallowed chambers and will always remain sacred if they reflect your soul and the authenticity of your inner world.

They will be worthy of mention and will be revered for their exemplary simplicity and eternal quality.

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