When It’s Love

There is no reason To lose hope And doubt Love For there are Many expressions And many ways To articulate it It is how you Comprehend Love Matter of the Heart & Soul Only when you Delve deeper Without inhibitions You realize The Depth of Love Do not trivialize Love that is revered For Love there Is till eternity © Continue reading When It’s Love


Sometimes rejection can be a blessing in disguise. It helps you introspect and focus on new avenues in life. Rejection definitely not the end of the road, but a new beginning and a journey, through a different approach in life. It helps you find meaning and gives you the chance to rediscover your life.

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Among the Clouds

Trace the path along the edges Hidden among the cloudy haze Feel the wind embrace you At the pinnacle of hidden world Breathtaking view of Lenticular clouds Shrouding the other peaks in mystery From the cauldron of a magic ritual Here’s where nothingness conspires As you realize the higher consciousness The path retracing to the crowded world Have been completely obliterated now Take a moment … Continue reading Among the Clouds