Wander Away to Find Yourself

It’s a good idea to silently veer off towards a seemingly unknown path and let yourself wander till you are lost. When it’s difficult to keep up with the (in)sanity of the world around you, it is time to take a sabbatical.

Whenever you find yourself trying to grapple with the unwarranted glitches of life it may be a good idea to try and find a solution to repair them. Wandering away or going on a sabbatical does not mean you are running away from the problems, but you are regrouping your thoughts to come up with ingenious ideas to counter the problems.

Every day you lose yourself in the sea of chores and duties where the world always seems to hurry you up, even before you find your footing. All the lanes are crowded and you are inadvertently pushed into a direction which does not lead to your destination.

There are constant distractions and pressing need to cope and conform to the pace of the world. Not necessary! In order to realize your calling in life, you have to be part of this world and yet try to create a niche for the things you love.

Success is not instant! Success is not in the wealth or fame. Real success is being able to follow your dreams and able to make choices with freedom. You are a success if you are not putting up a façade while facing this world. It takes courage to portray the ‘real you’ in this world.

Once in a while when you find yourself in a dilemma, try to get away from the usual routine and slow down the pace of life, to understand the crux of the problem and how to fix it. It always helps when you are authentic to yourself.

Who can deny the wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss –
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

17 thoughts on “Wander Away to Find Yourself

  1. ” It takes courage to portray the ‘real you’ in this world.” That is a great challenge for many of us, but why? If we are not true to us and to the world, ¿what is the meaning of our existence? Thank you for making me think about this. Beautiful thoughts. Adrián

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