Realize the Destiny

You already are

Not what the world

Wants you to be

Dig in deeper

And run through

The vacant tunnels

There’s a parallel world

That exists within

Always a paradox

At the helm of confusion

To be someone

Carved out from

Ideas of popularity

Dichotomy too strong

Not for the feeble hearted

To realize the true self

And emerge from the shadows

Pulled apart

Before you realize

It’s a constant battle

When you can devote

The energy

To build a meaningful life

Because you already are ©

2 thoughts on “Realize the Destiny

  1. I continue to be struck by how you write things exactly in the way I see them 😉 You add the poetic touch, of course, which isn’t much in my repertoire. That’s what makes it such fun. You think in a similar way but express it using a different language. It’s wonderful. Thanks and greetings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Sam, that’s such a wonderful thing to say and this is a huge compliment for me. 🙂 We are intuitive minds I guess and see and experience life from a different perspective. 😉 We may be using different forms of writing to express life, but realize and see life from the same light. Your writings are what I connect to and every passage that you share from your books are a revelation and makes me ponder. It’s a learning for me. Always appreciate your encouragement and thanks always for the feedback you give. Greetings, Amitav. 🙂

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