Mirrored Reality

Mirrors are the

Window to the Soul

And windows are

Mirror to the world

Every image

A mere reflection

Of our perception

Reality may escape

Lies entrapped

Extra grandeur

Adds to the sheen

Colorful veneers

The world’s underbelly

Runs parallel

With sinister stories

Hidden by fabrications

So many cover-ups

Eyes blinded

By the bright lights

Pieces of paper

Wields more power

Compared to

Human resilience

Humaneness a farce

Every image a distortion

Time will unwrap

The web of deceits

Our time won’t come

We shall fade away

Before we see

The Truth unravel

So many knots and twists

Minds hallucinate

Forlorn souls

Wait for justice

They do not find mention

Hedonistic adventures

Are gratifying

The world seems mesmerized

Let the soul be left alone

And rest in peace ©

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