Magical Journey

Love encompasses your being

You can’t deny this feeling anymore

Travelling to unfamiliar places

With someone who will walk with you

There is no reason to fear the unknown

When you have a trusted soul with you

You will dive deeper into the ocean of love

Without the fear of drowning

Buoyed by the strong feeling of love within

Life transforms into a true fairytale

You won’t hesitate to climb the toughest terrains

To proclaim this true feeling to the world

Two hearts are out there in the wilderness

Cradled in love and ready to travel to eternity

You have exchanged hearts, to protect it as yours

Going through life’s every challenge unscathed

You can’t deny this feeling anymore

Love encompasses your being ©

2 thoughts on “Magical Journey

  1. Very romantic, Amitav 🙂 A very inspiring read, and yet – from my eyes – romantic love is such a crazy thing. It sprouts from nowhere, like magic, and then either evaporates just as quickly or transforms into a different quality of love. Romance is so much a human feeling. But is it just an illusion? Perhaps it is the expectation that’s the illusion. The “ideal” that love is forever. If we didn’t have that expectation and just enjoyed romantic love for the short time we were blessed with it then I guess there’d be fewer love songs about broken hearts 😉 Greetings always, Sam 🙂

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    1. Well yes, I agree with you on this. We have not understood love truly, as we have attached many connotations to it, other than what love should be. Love is painted and tainted with expectations and where love should give a sense of freedom to two souls, it becomes a game of one-upmanship. Being in a relationship is not a competition, but walking together, hand in hand, with mutual respect and acknowledging each others presence and feelings. Love is forever, but we are not, so, as long as we are blessed with true love, without the embellishments and enjoy the feeling, it makes life worthwhile. Sam, mostly what I see around, is that love and romance are used frivolously without acknowledging​ and realizing the actual meaning of love itself. It’s a great feeling to be in love and be loved by someone genuinely. Love is being serious about each others feelings and respect. It has many layers to and is unraveled as we move along in the journey of love. 🙂 Greetings from me, Sam.

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