Morning Thoughts

Morning world Silent covers Chilly air Deep breath Morning aroma Misty cloak Sunrise wonder New invitation Simple splendor Innocent nature Nature’s hope Earthy colors Rustic scent Honest feelings No stranger Morning embrace Silent prayer With gratitude© Continue reading Morning Thoughts

Beauty of Night

The mysterious night spreads across Canvas is in full view of the star gazer Stars are fond remembrance of hope Without them, the night would be dreary For the dreamer can dream freely Blissful ambience of the silent night Time for the waking eyes to slumber Charmed night mesmerizes the soul Solemn prayer for beautiful reflections As the painter chooses a darker hue Night’s somnolence … Continue reading Beauty of Night

Sense of Hegemony

A false sense of hegemony Flares from the deep-rooted insecurity The strength is not in the numbers Or, being in perpetual state of fear Strength resides in an aware mind Away from the pillars of institutionalization Adapting to change and widening horizons Sometime cocoons won’t help metamorphose It becomes the darkest corner of the world There is only ‘now’ that is the only reality And … Continue reading Sense of Hegemony

Morning Dew

Trickling morning dew From Nature’s eternal crucible Elixir for the morning dwellers To wake up from the slumber party Morning dew to quell the thirst Replenish the soul with vigor Hope and gratitude, the mantra Reflect on the morning dew Encompassing the beauty of life Hold out your hands and pray For the dew to trickle down your soul Awakening the eternal realization Flowing over … Continue reading Morning Dew

Holistic Writing

Writing is a holistic experience. It’s like meditation with thoughts, ideas, emotions, and philosophies. As a writer it is extremely important to be aware of the many facets of life; developing this awareness takes time and usually helps the writer to comprehend life in its entirety. There are two sides of life, which are precariously balanced on a fulcrum- the positives and negatives. Balancing these … Continue reading Holistic Writing