When Nothing is Said

If someone can Read your lips and Decipher The unspoken words When nothing is said And the hearts engage In the most interesting Conversation Only the truth is conveyed Heart to heart A touch of the feelings Opens up a new world Speaking from the heart Without inhibitions When nothing is spoken And silence leads Two hearts to the chosen Destination It’s a cherished place … Continue reading When Nothing is Said

Maneuvering through Manipulations

Maneuvering through manipulations Mind games and myriad fabrications Sincerity in concocting twisted tales Reality and truth are being veiled Intentions are questioned by everyone Deployed sentinels to secure the fort Freedom is just a word when mind is not free Trust is seen with trepidation Many experiences and incoherent choices Life in retrospect seems dreary Even the truest feelings and genuine words Are seen with … Continue reading Maneuvering through Manipulations

Life’s Stream of Consciousness

Steady stream of consciousness My breathing is in my control I inhale the real freedom to the core My consciousness expands every moment Life reveals itself in true form In complete control of my emotions I have relinquished minuscule thoughts Comparisons are not my forte As I realize that I am me, complete An individual walking on this earth I feel more connected to the … Continue reading Life’s Stream of Consciousness

At the Depths

Completely submerged Unfathomable depths Ultimate surrender After careful comprehension Glided on the surface Only to get lacerated From the constant friction Only to trivialize The meaning of life Whimsical bend of mind Instant gratification It’s not crowded in here At the depths After thoughtful consideration True awakening And embraced consciousness Life takes a Whole new meaning Other than regular squabbles Perfect silence is liberating Unnecessary … Continue reading At the Depths