Life’s Stream of Consciousness

Steady stream of consciousness

My breathing is in my control

I inhale the real freedom to the core

My consciousness expands every moment

Life reveals itself in true form

In complete control of my emotions

I have relinquished minuscule thoughts

Comparisons are not my forte

As I realize that I am me, complete

An individual walking on this earth

I feel more connected to the conscious thoughts

Rather than the debilitating ones

I do not indulge in self-pity

It is to belittle the soul and restricts my growth

Every day I accept it as a gift

To live each day with a chance to improve

I educate myself from life itself

It is to be conscious of the subtle lessons in life

Every day a new beginning

Adding chapters to my life’s memoirs

I may not conform to the quintessential stereotypes

There is more to life than pacing up and down with worries

I choose my own pace that suits me

This is life precious, yet transient

I rely in the simple meaning of life and existence

I learn every day so that I can question

Only when I ask the right questions

Will I come closer to the eternal answers ©

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