Two Worlds

When two hearts are in sync

And time fades away into oblivion

Feelings transcend and travel further

Toward the desired destination

Lands at the doorstep and knocks

Urging you to open the door in earnest

Hearts have already surrendered

And entrusted with the precious keys

You can feel the dazzling smile

And the twinkle in the eyes

No barriers are insurmountable

For the hearts that have been touched

With the most beautiful feeling

Days and nights blend into each other

Two hearts are in unison

Nothing else matters to the souls

World has bowed down to the will of the lovers ©

7 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. Utterly gorgeous pen! I love the beauty and romance in your verse Amitav and find myself resonating deeply with the happiness you speak of. With or without a lover (as ego merges with Self) the feeling here is beautiful, joyous and divine. 🙂

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  2. Gosh, Amitav, your romantic sentiment is very inspiring. I really enjoy reading these posts of yours, although – as you have perhaps guessed – I remain cautious about romance. Yes, it is a magical doorway that can open us to altered states of consciousness and being – similar to a sense of total fulfilment, with no external striving, and an open heart chakra. However, many people fall in the trap of losing their centre when they’re in love and becoming dependent on their lover and his/her love. I guess the challenge is to experience the blessing of romantic love whilst maintaining inner poise and balance. I believe that the feeling of love resides always inside us (like all feelings), and that our lover simply sparks it, which is why even without a lover we can still connect with the blissful energy of romantic love if we make the effort. Greetings always, Sam 🙂

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    1. Sam, first of all, I want to thank you for your appreciation and I am glad that you always are encouraging. Your perspective on life is also an eye-opener for me and yes, I usually do not life the fluffy or meaningless romance that we usually are aware of. I agree with you, until and unless your heart and your soul are entirely aware of a much deeper meaning of love which enhances our life and is not based on expectations. As you have mentioned, once an individual has fallen in love, these unnecessary expectation does take us away from the purpose of love and it becomes a web of lies. I so agree with you, that we have to maintain inner poise and balance which can only come with higher realization and purpose of life and love itself. I can vouch for it, that even when two people are far apart, but are mentally in sync or hearts are in sync and can has a deeper understanding of each others feelings, it can be much more fulfilling. Whereas, two individuals living under the same roof can be strangers, only when the sheen of romance wears off. Love is also a positive energy, which we should use judiciously and not to hurt a soul but to enhance each others life. I just loved this comment of your, Sam. Really, your understanding of life is just awesome. I appreciate, your comments, always. Warm Greetings, Amitav 🙂

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