Meaning of Silence

Sometimes voices fall silent

And words become alien

May be your desire to express

The compelling feelings

Cannot be conveyed through words

Sometimes silence can be deafening

Urging the heart to reach out

And knock on the silent world

Or you can try listening cloesly

And decipher the essence of silence

Walk through the maze

To find the hidden feelings

They are true and willing to be embraced

Waiting for the genuine heart

And willing to resonate with the silence

World will never be the same

Here two hearts have found meaning in silence

They tiptoe through the grand alley

To reach the point of no return ©

13 thoughts on “Meaning of Silence

  1. It is the ego of the garden of silence, the emotions of the soul arise, exude their true perfume. Elias Akhenaten.

    Congratulations poet, another beautiful poem. Peace and Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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